Sunday, January 21, 2007

I Love You

She whispered, " I love you."
As she laid him in the bed.
Counting each little toe
And gently kissing him on the head.

"I love you," he stated
as he ran out to play.
A profound statement,
And he made it every day.

As he slipped on her finger,
A small golden ring,
"I love you," he cried ...
And his heart began to sing!

His life was complete; or so he thought
A loving family, beautiful wife, and a child on the way.....
And the week found him sitting in a tiny church pew
In the back of the building, on a warm summer's day.

His heart cried, "I love you!"
As he hung on a tree.
Crucified between two thieves;
He died for you and me.
The pain that he suffered! Oh, what the cost!
Beaten and tortured to save those who are lost.
Greater love has no man....
Than was shown on this day!
Was his death just in vain?
Or will you let him pay?

As he walked to the alter
As he knelt on one knee...
"I love you," he cried.
"You gave your life for me!"

And as heaven reached down,
He could hear a voice say....
"I love you my son,
You became mine today!"

He died for you and me.